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LoveBite connects foodies with
great dishes 

Fabulous dish videos.
LoveBite App  and LoveBite video menus.

Discover food to love.

LoveBite - the food discovery app!

The LoveBite App is fun, useful and the best way to find great food near you. Some describe it as TikTok meets Tinder, but for food.

It's growing fast, with hundreds of thousands of dish videos being swiped by eager foodies looking for great food.

We launched in Edinburgh and we're now expanding to London and the rest of the UK with new dish videos being added all the time.

It's free - download LoveBite now!

LoveBite Video Menus

LoveBite Video menus showcase a restaurant's culinary delights in a way that static menus simply cannot match.

The Video Menus increase orders at the table, and entice more potential customers to book.

Happier customers, more bookings, higher sales. LoveBite's here to help.

Our participating restaurants

Calling all restaurants!

If you're serving up great food,

LoveBite can help you attract new customers and entice them to order more at the table.


Get in touch to discuss

LoveBite with our team.

Please let us know what you think, and

any ideas you may have on how we can

make LoveBite even more tasty and appealing!


Any questions

or thoughts, please get in touch!

Hey there foodies!

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