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Video Creation Guide

It is easy to shoot and submit videos to LoveBite.

Here's what you need:

  1. A modern smart phone (iPhone or Android)

  2. Good lighting (natural or LED light)

  3. A video editing capability (either on smart phone or a PC)

  4. All of your fantastic dishes

c homies pizza.jpg

Before you start

Copy of IMG_6927.JPG

Wipe the back of your phone camera for a clearer and sharper view

Keep doing that throughout the whole filming process. You'd be surprised how many fingerprints we leave on our cameras while doing it.

Action shots

If you have any dishes that have interesting garnishes or sauces, place them on the side so it could be used.

Make sure to caption specific dishes as soon as they come out of the kitchen

e.g., cheesy dishes are better filmed while piping hot so you can get a cheese pull, or ice cream desserts need to be filmed as soon as they come out of the kitchen as they will start melting.

Always start shooting with the 1x function and get your 'hero' shot, as it has the best quality

0.5x, 2x or 3x usually has worse quality, especially in lower light conditions, but can be used if the space you're filming in has a lot of light.


Make sure any camera filters are turned off and do NOT use any 'cinematic' or 'portrait' modes

Shooting with an iPhone


Note: switching off Apple HDR function is particularly important.


We recommend using an iPhone 13 or later

Go to Settings > Camera and for "Record Video" select 1080p at 60fps.

On the latest iPhone models, please make sure the HDR Video option is off.



Shooting with
an Android device


Video resolution UHD or 4k 60fps or, alternatively, FHD 60fps.

If your Android device has a HDR option, please turn it off.


Shooting location

Once you have selected the dishes to shoot,
now it's time to find a suitable spot in your restaurant for the shooting.


Window tables are usually the best option
Their natural light conditions make them the best spot to plan your shooting.

... but not always
Sometimes the background might be too busy (traffic, street bins in the back) or there might not be a window table.

Make sure the background it's visually appealing 
Choose a suitable background, window paint or decoration that doesn't interfere with the dish. The food should take the main stage of the video.


c butta burger.jpg
Copy of IMG_2208.JPG

Natural Light

If you're filming by the window, don't position your camera in front of it, as your video will lose colour contrast and be overexposed.

Try positioning yourself next to the window or on the side where the light is coming from for a bright and colourful video.
Filming from the side also creates a more dramatic look with slight shadows making the dish look more natural and realistic, which can also be captivating and interesting.
Watch out for spotlights/lamps on the ceiling as they usually create shadows of you and your camera in the video. Don't stand under them, move further away from it.

Screenshot 2024-05-24 at 12.26.17.png

We recommend using an external LED light source. This will be extremely helpful in low-light conditions as well.

If you do not have access to external light sources, we encourage you to borrow one of our LoveBite LED lights.

Alternatively, our team can recommend different models to purchase.

Place your external light on either side of the dish to illuminate it accordingly. This will improve the final look of the dish video.

Make sure not to stand between the light source and the dish. This will block the light and create unwanted shadows. Stand slightly towards the left or right to get the right angle.

External Light

Lighting recommendations

Composition and Framing

Once you are ready to shoot your first video,
please remember to always leave some extra space at the bottom
of the shot, to allow the legibility of your dish name on the LoveBite App.


Experiment with different angles, but we are mainly interested in close-up shots with a pan movement (from side to side)
You can also do overhead shots, and side angles, to add visual variety to your videos. Position the dish in the centre of the frame for a focused look.

Try, whenever possible, not to zoom in and out nor get closer or further away from the dish
Maintain a pan movement to give it a smoother feel.



Edit the videos and
send them to the LoveBite team

Screenshot 2024-05-24 at 12.19.08.png

Link 2-3 clips together so we have a single video for each dish
Each one of these dish videos should last between 5-10 seconds.

You can edit the videos easily on a smartphone or laptop
We recommend using any free video editing software such as CapCut or Canva.

We recommend exporting each video on Mp4 format
This format will play better on the app without any compatibility issues.

We also need a copy of your menu uploaded
We need the correct dish names, descriptions and allergen identifiers.

Once edited send them to us and we will publish them and let you know
Our team will send you a confirmation email along with a video menu link so you can see and double check all the videos, dish information and booking links are good.

New dishes, menu changes, and anything else
Please email support@lovebiteapp

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